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Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kareem United Kingdom Epidemiology of all-cause mortality of recognised alcohol misusers in the CPRD population.
Abidi Latifa Netherlands The implementation of the Practice Nurse Mental Health in general practices in the Netherlands: effects on number of diagnoses of chronic and acute alcohol abuse
Adekeye Olujide Nigeria Drug Use and Sexual Risk Behaviour among School Going Users and non-Users of Drugs in Nigeria
Angus Colin United Kingdom Estimating the contribution of alcohol to socioeconomic inequalities in mortality in England & Wales 2001-15
Aresi Giovanni Italy It will change your life, will it change the way you drink? A longitudinal study on Erasmus Students' drinking patterns before, during and after the study abroad experience
Assanangkornchai Sawitri Thailand Changes in drinking problems and perceptions of drinking norms among high school students 10 years after implementation of the new alcohol policy
Attwood Angela United Kingdom -
Atzendorf Josefine Germany Health behavior patterns by latent class analysis and their relationship with sociodemographic factors, self-rated health and mental health in a general adult population in Germany
Babor Thomas United States -
Bartlett Ollie United Kingdom -
Beeston Clare United Kingdom Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland: How will we evaluate its impact?
Bergmark Anders Sweden Treatment systems and treatment landscapes - some conceptual considerations
Bergmark Karin Sweden Behavioral addiction or behavioral problem - a social science perspective
Bhattacharya Aveek United Kingdom -
Birch Jack United Kingdom -
Bloomfield Kim Denmark How does area-level deprivation relate to alcohol use in Denmark?
Bosma Linda United States Social Host Ordinances: Implementation Experiences
Bragg Joanna United Kingdom "It's My Life: Staying in Control" Multi-component school-based prevention to elicit adolescent behaviour change regarding alcohol consumption
Brennan Alan United Kingdom Children Affected by Alcohol Dependence: Estimating the Numbers of Children living with Adults who are Potentially in Need of Specialist Treatment for Alcohol Dependence in English Local Authorities by Combining Survey and Routine Data Sources
Britton Annie United Kingdom Thirty years of drinking and risk of fatty liver disease: findings from a British population cohort
Brown Katherine United Kingdom -
Buller David United States -
Buller Mary United States -
Buykx Penny Australia Capturing user views of Alcohol Intoxication Management Services (AIMS) operating in night time entertainment precincts: An important but ethically and practically challenging task.
Bye Elin Kristin Norway Alcohol use and injury risk among elderly in Norway
Callinan Sarah Australia Patterns of alcohol consumption in Australian adults aged 2001 to 2013
Calnan Susan Ireland Ireland's Public Health (Alcohol) Bill: A critical discourse analysis
Casswell Sally New Zealand -
Chow Clifton Canada Do increased alcohol prices create unintended negative consequences for unstably housed heavy drinkers?
Cisneros Örnberg Jenny Sweden Nordic alcohol policy at the crossroads. Separate courses in Finnish and Swedish alcohol regulation
Connor Jennie New Zealand Convergence of drinking patterns of university students and their non-student peers, 2005-2013
Cook Sarah United Kingdom Under-reporting of standard "drinks" using the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in Russia
Cooke Richard United Kingdom Predicting alcohol consumption among European university students using data from the CALIBRATE study
Cousins Kimberly New Zealand Are young people drinking less and why? An investigation of the apparent decrease in current drinkers and hazardous drinking among young adults in New Zealand
Critchlow Nathan United Kingdom Alcohol marketing and UEFA EURO 2016: A frequency analysis of broadcasts from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and France
Cuming Miranda United Kingdom -
Cunningham John Canada Using Mechanical Turk to recruit participants for Internet intervention research: Experience from recruitment for three trials
Davoren Martin Ireland Support for alcohol policy in the community: Results from the Community Action on Alcohol Pilot Project in Ireland
Demant Jakob Denmark -
de Visser Richard United Kingdom Temporary abstinence during "Dry January": predictors of success and effects on well-being
de Vocht Frank United Kingdom A new statistical framework to evaluate the impact of interventions in a natural experiment setting: the example of alcohol licensing policies and hospital admissions and violent crime
Dietze Paul Australia Are self-reported pressures to change drinking behaviours related to changes in consumption by young people?
Dietze Paul Australia -
Doole Jenny United Kingdom -
Douglas Alison United Kingdom -
Drabble Laurie United States Strengths and coping strategies in the life narratives of sexual minority women
Dumbili Emeka United Kingdom Anywhere, Everywhere: Alcohol Industry Promotion Strategies in Nigeria and their Influence on Young People's Drinking Behaviour
Dwyer Robyn Australia Framing the debate in the 2014 NSW liquor licence reforms trial: A qualitative analysis of NSW newspapers
Dyer Maddy United Kingdom -
Edman Johan Sweden Alcohol consumption as a public health problem 1885-1992
EGAN MATT United Kingdom -
El-Gabri Deena United States Alcohol stigma as it relates to drinking behaviors and perceptions of drink drivers: a mixed method study in Moshi, Tanzania
Emslie Carol United Kingdom How do young women use alcohol to construct gender identities in the age of social media?
Erskine-Shaw Marianne United Kingdom The Shuffleboard Game: The effects of social drinking on risk-taking behaviour
Ferguson Karl United Kingdom Piloting a Protocol for Graphical Evidence Synthesis: Diagram Based Analysis of Causal Systems (DACS) as an Approach to Alcohol Harm
Field Matt United Kingdom Randomized controlled trial of inhibitory control training for alcohol use disorders
Fitzgerald Niamh United Kingdom The IDEA Project: Identifying and DEscribing Arguments in alcohol policy debates
Foster Jon United Kingdom Investigating the impact of 'moderate' and 'lower' level parental drinking on children.
Gambles Nikki United Kingdom Changes in UK Student Drinking Behaviours During the Transition to University
Ganguly Kalyan India Sunderban A Mangrove of rising addicts: An exploratory study
Garnes Nils United Kingdom -
Garretsen Henk Netherlands Ethical issues related to alcohol policy, prevention and care
Gavens Lucy United Kingdom -
Giesbrecht Norman Canada Reducing harm through evidence-based alcohol policies: Challenges and options
Gillespie Duncan United Kingdom Societal patterning of joint alcohol use and smoking: A cross-sectional study of England 2013-14
Gmel Gerhard Switzerland When does late adolescent bingeing has a detrimental trajectory into young adulthood bingeing and Alcohol Use Disorders?
Gomes de Matos Elena Germany Substance use disorders – a question of definition? Comparing DSM-IV to DSM-5
Graber Rebecca United Kingdom Outcomes of a feasibility trial of a resilience-based alcohol education intervention
Graham Kate Canada When Alcohol Hurts the Most -" The Relationship of Partner Physical Aggression with Gender, Drinking Pattern and Living with Children: A Multi-Country Analysis
Greenfield Thomas United States The relationship between the US state alcohol policy environment and individuals' experience of secondhand effects of alcohol (harms due to others' drinking)
Griffin Christine United Kingdom Alcohol marketing to young people via social media by brands and venues: A mixed-methods analysis
Grittner Ulrike Germany Regional variation in drinking behavior
Gustafsson Nina-Katri United Kingdom Problematic alcohol use and situational action perspective causes focusing on environmental contexts
Hall Nicola United Kingdom -
Hall Nicola United Kingdom -
Hammerton Gemma United Kingdom Excessive alcohol use as a snare on antisocial behaviour across adolescence and early adulthood
Härkönen Janne Finland -
Hawkins Benjamin United Kingdom How are internal tobacco industry documents useful for studying the UK alcohol industry?
Heather Nick United Kingdom Foundations of a dual process theory of addiction
Hellman Matilda Finland Online Alcohol Marketing in Finland and Sweden: A First Overview of a Newly Gathered Material
Hemmingsson Tomas Sweden Social mobility and subsequent alcohol-related hospitalisation in Swedish men: a cohort study
Heron Jon United Kingdom Examining the impact of anxiety on alcohol use across transition to adulthood
Herring Rachel United Kingdom -
Hettige Siri Sri Lanka Societal Level Effects of Harm to Others in Sri Lanka
Hickman Matthew United Kingdom The effect of parental drinking on adolescent alcohol use: the mediating role of parental monitoring and peer deviance
Holloway Kara United Kingdom Implementing an Institutional Approach to Managing Student Alcohol Consumption in a UK University
Holmes John United Kingdom What proportion of on-trade alcohol is served to those who are already intoxicated?
Holton Alice Ireland Consensus validation of the POSAMINO (POtentially Serious Alcohol Medication INteractions in Older adults) criteria
Hooper Lucie United Kingdom Exposure to alcohol marketing and its impact on alcohol consumption among young people in the UK.
Hope Ann Ireland Caring for the drinker:The unspoken burden
Howlett Helen United Kingdom Assessing prevalence of alcohol consumption in early pregnancy: Blood biomarker analysis compared to self-report
Huckle Taisia New Zealand Disadvantage and heavier drinking: a cross-country comparison from the International Alcohol Control Study
Ibanga Akanidomo Nigeria Accessing Drug and Alcohol Treatment-" the Nigerian Experience
Igbokwe David Nigeria Socio-cultural Correlates of Alcohol Use and Abuse among High School Students in Ota
Ijaz Sharea United Kingdom Nutritional deficiencies in homeless persons with problematic drinking: a systematic review
Jiang Heng (Jason) Australia -
Jones Andrew United Kingdom Do daily fluctuations in inhibitory control predict alcohol consumption? An ecological momentary assessment study
Jones Lisa United Kingdom Do drinking patterns give rise to a paradox in alcohol-related harm? Evaluating the links between socioeconomic status and alcohol consumption: systematic review and application of the Bradford-Hill criteria for causation
Kadiri Habib United Kingdom -
Kaewpramkusol Ratchakorn Thailand A Qualitative Exploration of the Parental Influence on Young Thai People's Alcohol Use
Karlsson Nina Finland -
Karriker-Jaffe Katherine United States Using propensity scoring methods to estimate mental health impacts of alcohol's harms from other drinkers
Kelly Yvonne United Kingdom Age of alcohol initiation and heavy drinking in early adolescence: findings from the Millennium Cohort Study
Kerr William United States Life-course Alcohol use patterns and risk of diabetes onset in the 1979 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Cohort
Kersbergen Inge United Kingdom Reducing the standard serving size of alcoholic beverages decreases alcohol consumption
Khadjesari Zarnie United Kingdom “I’m not a real boozer”: a qualitative study of primary care patients’ views on drinking and its consequences
Kim DongYoung Korea, Republic of -
Kim Kwang Kee Korea, Republic of Magnitude and Distribution of Alcohol's Harms to Others in Korea: A Preliminary Result of Population Survey
Kittirattanapaiboon Phunnapa Thailand Gender difference in lifetime prevalence of DSM-5 alcohol use disorder symptoms: Thai National Mental Health Survey 2013
Kraus Ludwig Germany Harms to Others from Alcohol in Germany: Fetal Alcohol Syndrom, Traffic Injuries and Violence?
Kuntsche Emmanuel Switzerland Already in early childhood offspring alcohol expectancies correspond to parental drinking behaviors
Kuntsche Sandra Switzerland No thanks, I am too stressed: Testing an inverse u-shaped Relation between Role Conflicts and Alcohol Use
Kypri Kypros Australia Effects of the Campus Watch programme on social disorder in a university community
Labhart Florian Switzerland How many drinks are needed to experience consequences? Determining the optimal threshold for binge drinking based on two event-level studies
Laslett Anne-Marie Australia A meta-analysis of harm to children from others' drinking in nine countries
Leonardi-Bee Jo United Kingdom Alcohol and the risk of sleep apnoea: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Lightowlers Carly United Kingdom Drunk and doubly deviant? Gender, intoxication and assault
Livingston Michael Australia The impact of survey data collection mode on alcohol consumption in a large Australian population survey
Livingston Wulf United Kingdom Understanding outcomes through participatory methodologies.
Londani Mukhethwa South Africa Manufacturing and selling homemade alcohol in the City of Tshwane, South Africa
Loose Tianna France Drinking motives as mediators between personality traits and problematic alcohol use among young French people
Maani Hessari Nason United Kingdom -
Maani Hessari Nason United Kingdom -
MacCulloch Angus United Kingdom Appropriate & Necessary -" Evidencing the Effectiveness of Health Interventions in Free Movement Cases
MacLean Sarah Australia Using practice theory to identify points for intervention in risky drinking within a subpopulation: the case of older same-sex attracted women in Victoria
Maclennan Brett New Zealand Views of New Zealand residents on the availability of alcohol in their community and the adoption of a Local Alcohol Policy.
MacPherson Megan United Kingdom -
Maffli Etienne Switzerland Multiple substance use among patients attending treatment for substance-related problems in Switzerland
Maggs Jennifer United States Very Early Drinking: Event History Models Predicting Alcohol Use Initiation from Age 4 to 11 years in the Millennium Cohort Study
Mahedy Liam United Kingdom Alcohol use in adolescence and later working memory: findings from a large population-based birth cohort
Mäkelä Pia Finland Alcohol consumption of Finns has decreased: but whose and what kind of consumption?
Martin Gina United Kingdom Are neighbourhood characteristics associated with adolescent drinking in Scotland? A cross-classified multilevel analysis
Martin Neil United Kingdom Geographical and time-series health inequality patterns of alcohol specific hospital admissions in England
McCambridge Jim United Kingdom How does the alcohol industry seek to influence policy? A systematic review
McCann Mark United Kingdom Longitudinal social network analysis of peer and family influences on adolescent drinking frequency
McCarthy T. United Kingdom -
McGill Elizabeth United Kingdom -
Megan MacPherson United Kingdom -
Meier Brian United States Perceptions of Alcohol Use in Moshi, Tanzania: a qualitative study
Meier Petra United Kingdom Relationship between parenthood and the nature of alcohol drinking occasions
Merrill Jennifer United States The Influence of Context in the Subjective Evaluation of "Negative Alcohol-Related Consequences
Mialon Melissa United Kingdom How is the alcohol industry best conceptualised for research purposes? A hypothesis generating discussion paper
Midford Richard Australia Is there a dose effect with harm minimisation alcohol education?
Monteiro Maristela United States Alcohol consumption among adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean: the role of alcohol advertisement exposure and access to alcoholic beverages.
Mooney John United Kingdom The prospects for using local health data to enhance regulatory control of alcohol availability in England
Morojele Neo South Africa Comparing brief versions of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in predicting HIV viral load among HIV patients in South Africa
Moskalewicz Jacek Poland Remnants of traditional patterns in modern European drinking. Results of standardised European Alcohol Survey -" RARHA SEAS
Muriwai Emerald New Zealand Longitudinal patterns of Māori alcohol consumption 1995-2011
Musto Virginia United Kingdom -
Naimi Timothy United States Alcohol Policies and Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities among U.S. Adults
Nasueb Sopit Thailand Alcohol and Injury in Emergency Room: A Comparison of Songkran Festival and Normal Period in Thailand
Natera-Rey Guillermina Mexico The Influence of Social Contexts on Drug-Use Behaviors in Mexican Youth
Nelson Ediomo-Ubong Nigeria Alcohol, Herbal Remedies and Malaria Treatment in Ibibio Community, Nigeria
Neufeld Maria Germany Impact of alcohol control policies on drinking behaviours of patients with alcohol dependence: results from an in depth-interview study in Novosibirsk, Russia
Nicholls James United Kingdom -
Nielsen Alexandra United States -
Norström Thor Sweden -
O'Brien Paula Australia Is Co-Regulation a Defensible Regulatory Choice for the Control of Alcohol Marketing?
Okwarah Patrick Kenya Concurrent polydrug use of alcohol and other drugs among public sector employees in Kenya: Prevalence, correlates and consequences.
O'Neill Darragh United Kingdom Longitudinal alcohol consumption trajectories and their association with coronary heart disease: A prospective cross-cohort study
Paileeklee Suchada Thailand Prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and illicit substance use among secondary school student in Thailand, 2015
Pape Hilde Norway Adolescents drink less: How and why?
Paradis Catherine Canada Digital media platforms: the Wild West for university bars and pubs to advertise alcohol?
Parker Robert Nash United States -
Parry Charles South Africa Screening for Alcohol Problems among Adults in South Africa: Findings from the International Alcohol Control Study
Paschall Mallie United States Perceived Enforcement of Alcohol Laws, Heavy Drinking, and Drink Driving Among Young Adults
Pennay Amy Australia An examination of patterns in recent reductions or abstinence from drinking in Australia over time and motivations for change
Phakdeesettakun Kannapon Thailand Alcohol-Free Funeral Campaign, Lampang Province, Thailand
Pridemore William Alex United States Population-level alcohol consumption and national homicide rates
Prutipinyo Chardsumon Thailand Profit Path of Alcohol Industry and Transparency
Pryce Rob United Kingdom Weather to Drink: How Alcoholic Drink Choice Varies with Weather
Purshouse Robin United Kingdom -
Radaev Vadim Russian Federation The evolution of illegal alcohol markets in Russia since the late socialist period
Rahav Giora Israel Country-Level Gender Difference in Drinking Among Adolescents
Raitasalo Kirsimarja Finland Substance use and gambling among 15-16 years old secondary school students with immigrant background in Finland -" Results from a European school survey in 2015
Ramstedt Mats Sweden What role has bag-in-box wines played for the increase in wine consumption in Sweden? - A time series analysis for the period 1996-2014
Rehm Jürgen Canada Revising the Comparative Risk Assessment for Alcohol. What is new?
Reynolds Joanna United Kingdom Influences on public health contributions to alcohol licensing processes: the view from local authority contexts in England
Roberts Sarah United States 40 years of state alcohol and pregnancy policies: best practices for public health or efforts to restrict women's reproductive autonomy?
Room Robin Australia Evaluated Community Action Projects on Alcohol: Making Sense of the History
Rossow Ingeborg Norway Doubt dissemination as a key weapon for alcohol industry influence on local alcohol policies
Rukundo Aloysius Uganda Father's Occupation and Family Religiosity Predict Use of Spirits among Male Adolescents in Public Secondary Schools in Uganda
Saengow Udomsak Thailand Factors associated with failure to maintain abstinence during the Buddhist Lent Abstinence Campaign in Thailand
Sagvaag Hildegunn Norway Color the grey zones -" drinking between work and leisure time
Saltz Robert United States A randomized community prevention trial to reduce alcohol problems among youth and young adults in California cities
Sattar Zeibeda United Kingdom The feasibility of providing alcohol brief advice across different community settings in the UK
Sherborne Sidney United Kingdom Is Primary Care a Good Setting for Alcohol Interventions? Comparing Socioeconomic Gradients in Harm and Primary Care Attendance.
Shorter Gillian United Kingdom Self-Help Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Consumption (SHIRAC): results from an external pilot and feasibility randomized control trial
Simou Evangelia United Kingdom Alcohol and the risk of pneumonia: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Sirichotiratana Nithat Thailand -
Smit Koen Netherlands Exposure to drinking mediates the association between parental alcohol use and young adolescent alcohol use.
Stanesby Oliver Australia The prevalence of men’s and women’s experiences of alcohol-related harm in private and from known drinkers across ten countries: a comparison and meta-analysis
Staton Catherine United States Examining the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Alcohol-Attributable Non-Fatal Injury Risk in Brazil
Stenius Kerstin Sweden -
Stenius Kerstin Sweden From corporatism to market management. On the implementation of public purchasing of alcohol and drug treatment in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Stevely Abigail United Kingdom -
Stewart Duncan United Kingdom -
Stockwell Tim Canada What would be the public health impact of privatising the Swedish government alcohol monopoly?
Suksaard Thanaphan Thailand The development and evaluation of alcohol policy implementation at provincial level in Thailand
Suresh Thusharie Sugandhika Sri Lanka A study on consumption of alcohol among males in two districts of Sri Lanka
Tamutienė Ilona Lithuania Disclosure of alcohol’s harm to children living with alcohol abusing parents: A qualitative interview study
Tanaree Athip Thailand Difference in socioeconomic background and psychiatric consequences between persons with heavy episodic drinking and moderate regular drinking: Results of the Thai National Mental Health Survey 2013
Thaikla Kanittha Thailand The study on non-fatal injuries and pattern of Alcohol drink among patients at Emergency room : MaharajNakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and Nakornping Hospital.
Thern Emelie Sweden The effect of increased alcohol availability on criminal behaviour among children exposed in utero: A nationwide register-based study using a natural experiment setting
Thomas Babor United States Public health countermeasures to minimize the harmful effects of the alcohol industry
Toner Paul United Kingdom -
Törrönen Jukka Sweden Safe, funny and fearful drinking situations from children's perspective: Comparing storied childhood emotions about others' drinking in Scandinavia
Torun Perihan Turkey -
Trangenstein Pamela United States The Violence Prevention Potential of Reducing Alcohol Outlet Density in Baltimore, Maryland
Trocki Karen United States Relationship status as a risk or protective factor for alcohol and marijuana use: Comparison of heterosexual and sexual minority men and women
Tumwesigye Nazarius Mbona Uganda A rise in alcohol consumption before sex in Uganda: what are the contributing factors?
Tupsart Kitiporn Thailand Follow up the health risk behaviors: methodology issues for Alcohol Control Policy Study in Thailand: A second wave survey
Uhl Alfred Austria Biased Prevalence Rates and Ignored Contradictions When Presenting Survey Data
Ungchusak Kumnuan Thailand -
Usaha Juree Thailand -
van de Mheen Dike Netherlands -
Vandenberg Brian Australia The effect of economic conditions on alcohol consumption in Australia.
van Hassselt Ninette Netherlands -
Vicario Serena United Kingdom -
Vichitkunakorn Polathep Thailand Development of the measuring instruments for alcohol consumption indices: Context-specific quantity frequency (CSQF) instrument
Vissoci Joao Ricardo United States Stigma of Alcohol Use and Its Impact on Care Seeking in Moshi, Tanzania
Vongsirisopak Sirikul Thailand -
Wagner Vincent France Change in patients with problematic alcohol use after six months of care in an outpatient alcohol-specialized treatment center
Wall Martin New Zealand Cross country comparisons of alcohol price and taxation policies
Ward Bernadette Australia Safe Transport and Chill Out Spaces: The Role of a Local Government Intervention in Reducing Alcohol-related Harm
Webster Laura United Kingdom Cancer Deaths and Life-Years-Lost to Alcohol and Smoking by Socio-economic Status in England
Wilkinson Claire Australia Alcohol and urban planning law: A case study of a local government's control of an off-premise outlet
Wilsnack Richard United States -
Wilsnack Sharon United States -
Wilson Ingrid Australia Connecting drinking and violence over the relationship trajectory: A grounded theory study of women's experience of living with a violent drinker
Wilson Luke United Kingdom The Effect of the Minimum Legal Drinking Age on Alcohol Consumption: Evidence from the United Kingdom.
Wojcik Rachel United States Perceived Barrier to Treatment of At-risk Alcohol Use in an Emergency Department in Moshi, Tanzania
Woodall Gill United States Uptake of Web-based RBS Training to Prevent Alcohol Over-Service
Wright Cassandra Australia Testing the effectiveness of a mobile phone-based brief intervention to reduce young adult's alcohol use in the event – a pilot randomised controlled trial
Yang YuSeon Korea, Republic of -
Ye Yu United States Alcohol Attributable Fraction from Injury: Comparison of Two Estimation Methods
Zahnow Renee Australia Last-drinks loopholes: the use of extended trading permits in the NTE
Zhao Jinhui Canada Estimating the relationship between per capita alcohol consumption and 100% alcohol attributable hospitalizations and deaths in British Columbia (BC), Canada
Zwirn Gregor Austria -

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